Wet Nose Pet Care - Services
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Group Walks (No more than 4 dogs per group)

45 min group walk: $20/day for 5 days per week. $25/day for 4 days or less per week.

Private Walk

One-on-one 30 min walk: $25/day for 5 days per week. $30/day for 4 days or less per week.

Potty Break

A 15-20 minute relief walk, ideal for small, older dogs, or those less social: $17 per walk.

Includes three 30 min walks per day, one relief walk at bedtime and all services listed under Standard Services. (For established clients only.)


Pet Sitting
Great for Cats, Rabbits, Birds, Fish, etc.
Includes all services listed under Standard Services.

One 30 min visit daily: $20
Two 30 min visits daily: $35


Basic Bath: $35
Nails: $12
Ear Cleaning: $12

Additional Services Offered

Pick Up/Drop Off: $25/one way
(Vet, Groomer, Daycare)
Lockout Service: $35
(For keys in my possession)

Service Fees

$7 for each additional pet in household
$7 for weekends and holidays
$7 for nights (after 8pm and before 10am)
$10 for key pickup/drop off after initial consultation

Standard Services

Standard pet sitting and home visits include:
Feeding and refreshing water
Cleaning food and water dishes
Refreshing of cat litter box
Mail and newspaper collection
Plant watering
Alternating lights and blinds
Detailed electronic notes about visits
Administration of medication
Taking out trash to designated area
Turning TV and radio on and off
Brushing, play and lots of TLC

Initial Consultation: All new pet sitting and dog walking clients will receive an initial consultation free of charge.  During this time I will meet with you and your pet(s).  I will gather information from you about your pet’s regular routine so that I can provide the best care to your pets while you are away from home.  We will review all necessary paperwork including house key options and emergency contact information.  I will explain my services and answer any questions you may have. Please print and complete in preparation for the initial consultation:

Cancellations: Cancellations for all services must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled service. You will be charged for any scheduled visits that fall within a 24 hour period of cancellation.

Sick Pets should be under the supervision of a professional veterinarian. I will not schedule visits to pets who are known to be ill; however, I will gladly provide service to pets who simply require medication or have special requirements, such as senior pets.

Payment: Full payment is required at the start of service. An invoice will be sent by email upon booking and you may pay by PayPal.com, Venmo.com or leave cash/check for the sitter made out to Matt Miller. There is a $35 fee for returned checks. Payments for ongoing  daily pet care visits can be paid weekly, semi-weekly or monthly.

Reservations must be made a minimum of 3 days in advance for returning clients and 5 days in advance for new clients. Last minute reservations taken on a case by case basis for established clients only.  

Keys: I will collect a set of keys from you. I prefer to retain your keys on file for future services or those last minute needs you may have; however, in the event you want your keys returned an additional $10 pick up/drop off fee will apply. I will not leave your keys inside your home at the end of a visit, in case you are delayed in returning and your pet needs further care.