Wet Nose Pet Care - Testimonials
Wet Nose Pet Care - -"Building Better Relationships from Both Ends of the Leash"

"Matt is above excellent with my dalmatian. As a breed that is known for it's hyper active energy, Matt is super informative on training techniques while offering a fantastic dog walking service.  I feel very fortunate to have met Matt and have him walk / train my dog. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a top notch service and someone who knows what they are doing. His services are amazing and your dog will be in the best of hands, I know when I am at work that I am at ease knowing Matt walked him. My favorite part of it all? I receive emails when I am at work that Matt came early, or that he got my dog to go pee, poo and give him water. Matt rocks he's the BEST!!!" - Chuck L.

"Matt is awesome.  I started using him in June 2012 when my 1 year old Labrador puppy was getting too much to handle.  She was intact at the time and her energy and budding dominance was too much.  Matt started working with her during daily works on basic obedience.  I have since gotten her fixed and she is three months into training and she is simply a different dog.  She is calm, obedient, and sweet as can be.  Of course she still gets rambunctious as she is a puppy, but I can get her under control without much effort and this is all due to Matt's excellent work.  I highly recommend him." - Jason Y.

"Matt has been lifesaver for my wife and I. He's been taking care of our 10-year old (diabetic) mini-Poodle Bear for the past several months now, and he's done an excellent job. He's super responsive / professional, vet tech trained (necessary for Bear's twice daily insulin injections), has a flexible schedule and his prices are quite reasonable (by SF standards). Most importantly, Bear is crazy about Matt. You can tell because he gets really excited when we're pulling up to his apartment for a weekend overnight drop off. I recommend you give Matt a try." - Chris H.

"Matt is fantastic. He always does his best to accommodate, he's very responsive and extra courteous. I appreciate his professionalism immensely.  He has excellent prices compared to some of the outlandish fees (in my opinion) some other dog walkers charge. I feel comfortable leaving my rather high-maintenance (and strong) dog with him!" - Katie T.

"Matt is reliable, professional, friendly and trustworthy. What more could you want from your dog walker / trainer?? He is fantastic with our little dude and sends emails to us after every walk letting us know how it went. We highly recommend Matt!!" - Emily J.

"Matt is beyond great! He watches our lil chihuahua, Alice, whenever we are gone. Alice loves him and always is excited to see him. She seems to be a much happier pup when we return than she has in the past. Thanks Matt!!!" - Jeff W.

"Matt is great. I went on vacation for a week and he checked in on my cat everyday. He sent an email to me with the status of each visit. I was able to enjoy my vacation even more knowing that my kitty was in good hands." - Celia S.